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May 2024 REPLACEMENT WORDS FOR YOUR WRITING Synonyms for WALK walk (verb) - 1. To move with your feet by alternately setting one foot forward with at least one foot on the ground at all times. March Roam Stroll Pace Saunter Tour Parade Step Tread Patrol Stride Wander Synonyms for RUN run (verb) - 1. To move swiftly (on your feet). Bolt Hasten Scamper Charge Hurry Scurry Dart Move (Quickly) Scuttle Dash Pound Spurt Fly/Flew Race Sprint Gallop Rush Trot Synonyms for LOOK look (verb) - 1. To try to see. 2. To pay attention to with one’s eyes. Browse Glance Peek Examine Glare Peer Fixate Glimpse Stare Gawk Glower Study Gaze Observe Watch Synonyms for SAID said (noun) - 1. To determine with precision. 2. To settle, decide. 3. To describe, explain, make clear. Said (Multi-Purpose Words) Acknowledged Called Expressed Responded Added Commented Greeted Shared Agreed Communicated Mentioned Slurred Announced Conferred Persisted Stated Asserted Contended Predicted Suggested Backtracked Declared Remarked Told Began Denoted Repeated Urged Blurted Ended Replied Voiced Said (Happy/Excited Words) Approved Chuckled Gushed Rejoiced Babbled Congratulated Jabbered Sang Beamed Complemented Joked Thanked Chattered Exclaimed Laughed Titterd Chimed In Giggled Praised Yammered Said (Sad/Upset Words) Agonized Frettd Moaned Sniffled Apologized Grieved Mumbled Sniveled Bawled Groaned Sobed Wailed Cried Lamented Sighed Wept Said (Angry/Bitter Words) Accused Demanded Raged Snarled Choked Exploded Ranted Spat Badgered Fumed Reprimanded Shouted Barked Growled Roared Swored Chastised Hissed Scolded Thunderd Cursed Insulted Screamed Yelled Said (Annoyed Words) Complained Exhaled Insisted Scoffed Condemed Grumbled Mocked Snapped Criticized Grunted Retorted Whined Said (Frightened/Pained Words) Coughed Prayed Squealed Cautioned Screamed Wailed Gulped Shrieked Whipered Howled Squalled Warned Said (Prideful Words) Advertised Bragged Gloated Boasted Broadcasted Preached Said (Uncertainty Words) Breathed Mumbled Swallowd Doubted Mumured Trailed Off Faltered Muttered Vacillated Hesitated Stammered Whispered Said (Make Fun Words) Derided Mocked Satirized Snickered Jeered Mimicked Scorned Taunted Heckled Ridiculed Sneered Teased Said (Question Words) Asked Implied Probed Queried Begged Inquired Proposed Questioned Contemplated Interrogated Puzzled Quizzed Challenged Mouthed Repeated Solicited Guessed Pleaded Requested Speculated Hinted Pondered Requistioned Wondered Said (Answer Words) Accepted Exclaimed Released Advised Disclosed Reported Affirmed Imparted Revealed Alleged Informed Shared Answered Indicated Specified Claimed Maintained Speculated Conceded Notified Supposed Concluded Offered Testified Confided Passed On Transmitted Confirmed Promised Verified

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